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RealLife v0.99 - MOD to Tiberian Sun, Command & Conquer 2
For archive-purposes, here is the old Command & Conquer (2): Tiberian Sun MOD, RealLife.

Download here >>
.zip (Size: 1.14 MB / Downloads: 1,139)

Quote:-=[RealLife: MOD to Tiberian Sun]=-
   Version 0.99, Minor Revision.
 ©opyright Johan Munkestam 1999.
      _.~-=[aka Zarkow]-~._

Unzip all five files into your Tiberian Sun directory. Please note that the file 00000409.256 (containing launcher graphics) already exist in your TS catalog, so if you want to keep the original launch-logo, make a backup of this file, or choose _not_ to overwrite when extracting all the files.

The idéa behind this is to make it more similair to 'real' life, with increased damage, new weapons and a theme behind every unit. A soldier of todays modern warfair can't stand more then a short burst of bullets from an enemy soldier without going down, and so don't the soldiers of this MOD...

I have now playtested the MOD in more then 150 hours of network-battles with and against my girlfriend and computer opponents, and even thought more things should and are going to be altered, I'm happy to see that it's really working out finally. In the original TS the side of NOD was way more powerfull, but that has also been fixed now I think. _I_ still play NOD thought =).

In the beginning I was only gonna change the weapon-values, but then I added MLRS since I loved it in C&C. I then started to change the aircrafts since I don't like aircraft that hang around in the air like dummies. And when I had added the MLRS, I thought "hey, why not add ALL of the units you love", since I really missed all the good ol' tanks from C&C and RA. And on that way it went...

-=New Units and Features=-
There are too much things changed and added for me to remember, but I will do my best... =)

- Damage for almost Every weapon has been Increased. The battles are much quicker and deadlier now.
  (Super weapon is maintained - the Ion Cannon or ClusterMissile shouldn't win you the war, your skill should.)
- Since almost all weapon-damages has been altered, several costs has changed to balance it further.
- Ability to destroy Tiberium Trees added.
- Build Queue limit is now set to 99 waiting items.
- 2 NEW types of Tiberium, the Purple and the Black.
- The Tiberium, not including the green one, now explodes and chainreacts like it was supposed to according to WW.
- Purple Tiberium is spreading and growing a little bit faster.
- Green Tiberium is spreading twice as fast.
- Everyting now blows up a lot More, much more debris flyes around.
- Explosion anims added, adding cooler and larger explosions.
- Particle-system added to every explosion that uses a warhead of somekind (i.e. damage units on impact).
- The Computer now builds more SAM sites then before.
- I really _hate_ Hunter Seeker (No-skill shit), so the lamah-weapon has been removed.
- The number of Crates have been increased, and they are much more friendly now - hate when 50% of the crates are bad news...
- All buildings have dynamic lightning attached to them.
- A complete list of all units included with the zip-file.
- New Title, Launcher, Score and Meny-graphics.
- The new Infantry are now unique entrys.

- Heavy Infantry has been added to both sides, who use machineguns instead of assualt-rifles.
- Both sides now has Scouts; fast, light armed guys that has a great sight distance.
- Both sides has recieved the new unit Sniper Infantry. Long-range 'one-shoot-one-kill'-girls, that can't handle a large numbers of soldiers without backup.
- Every single aircraft has gotten its speed increased, and they can move into shrouded areas of the map.
- SAM-sites shoots three SAMs at the time. (Just like in one of the GDI cutscenes, and reality.)

- MLRS is added to GDI, beeing the prerequisite to the new Hover MLRS. Wheeled but cheaper.
- Medium Tank from Red Alert is added, and Mammoth Tank is now buildable. Old APC also added.
- GDI has gotten a Heavy Cruiser, armed with powerfull rocketpods, and it has Heavy armour, but it has a buildlimit of 1.
- Orca now has rocket-pods and shoot at its target in fly-by's.
- MLRS shoots its rockets in series of 5 missiles.
- GDI can build the Kodiak to get access to their Mechanical Repair Robot, that repairs vehicles.
- Spy Plane added to GDI. Fast, heavy armoured but unarmed, this baby is perfect for finding those enemys lurking around.

- Light and Heavy Tank from Red Alert, Flame Tank and Old Artillery from C&C is also added.
- NOD has gotten a Banshee Bomber. It is a slightly slower brother then the original Banshee, that fires bomb similair to the Orca bomber.
- NOD has gotten a Suicide Bomber. Warning: He is Disguised so he will look like a normal infantry unit to the other players. =)
- NOD has gotten a Mobile Stealth Generator. It costs 2000, and you gotta build HighTech-Center to get it.
- NOD can build the Pyramid to get access to their High Priest, that can heal soldiers.
- Harpy now has grenade-pods and shoot at its target in fly-by's.

-=Suggestions, flames or bugs?=-
Have suggestions, wanna send flames or report 'bugs'? E-mail the author at: [email outdated and removed]

-=Known Bugs=-
Sometimes aircraft tend to hoover around, without taking a single shoot; just order them away a few cells and attack again...this is due to the lousy flight-code written by Westwood - guess this is the reason dog-fighting was taken out of the game in the last minute.

If a Suicide Bomber should survive his own bomb, and in some cases even strangely enough get his ammo of one bomb back after 5 sec.(!) then just call it plain luck, and thank Westwood for beeing lousy programmers. =)
(Have only seen it happend at one time, but you never know...)**

(**: This have been fixed, visually, but the crappy WW code is still there.)

Late: If you should build the NOD Stealth Generator, but don't have enough power, you can still use it! Just turn it off with the power-switch, then turn it back on, and it will stealth the base! Westwood has done it again. =)
(E-mail me if you don't know how to do it, or visit the homepage for RealLife: [Url outdated and removed] )

-=Version History=-

-=[0.99]=- {Version released to the public}
Altered the apperence of Tiberium! Now 3 different kinds, all with different characteristics.
Added severel cool things about the Tiberium; the new cool explosions and the tiberium shards flying away from it, beeing two.
Fixed the Meteorides beeing to weak. It was because WW had forgotten to define the Warhead used. =)
Once again lowered the flightlevel of the Cruiser a bit, now down to 800 from 1000.
Compiled a complete list over all the Units in the MOD, with all their values. Included in zip-file.
Increased Mobile Repair Robot's cost from 650 to 1100.
Lowered Light Tank speed from 9 to 8.
Tweak the damage-table for the sniper-rifle.
Added fire-sound to the 75mm cannon.
New graphics for MP-Scoretable and Meny-background.
ReWrote the new Infantry Units, to make the MOD campain and WW-multiplayermap safe, since their for example exist Civ's already on the maps.
Particle-systems have been added for every weapon it logicaly should be, and in the same time rewrote several of the warheads to support it!
The improve the weapons and the warheads, 13 new warheads have been added, some of them beeing added variantions of HE and AP.
The Banshee Bomber has gotten a new look! Its pitch-speed has been altered too.
Tweaked some weapons a little bit.
Increased Medium Tank cost from 800 to 850.
Remade AlphaLightPost, since: 1. Alpha Images are lame solutions, 2. the Alpha-Image erases particles displayed within it's area. (Can't understand why WW talks about their dynamic lightning, when they never 'really' use it in the game, as in 'use it to it's full extend'.)
Heavy Infantry now uses a second Minigun versus air-units, that only do half damage. (Simulate in-accuracy)
The Banshee now tilts at 70 degrees when turning, and now has a ROT of 5 instead of 3.
When firing upon aircraft, Heavy Infantry and any firearms vs air-units doesn't create splashes in mid air, but only some particle-splatter.
The wind now blows in an other direction, and has an impact (only visual) on the smoke from damaged things.
Cleaned up some explosion-lists in the warhead-section.
Have increased the damage done by exploding tiberium, and how easy it will explode.
The Bike got a new death-event. Flips up in the air and crashes a little distant away.
Fixed some settings in the Easy-Normal-Hard settings listing.
Fixed the Old APC having way to many wheels fly away when blowing up.
Removed some unused entrys about the Old Artillery, dealing with the turret.
Added the spinning turret to the Mobil Stealth Generator.
Fixed and added the Mammoth Tank having its turret fly away upon exploding. Never seen anyone solve this before.
Lowered the MCVs and Construction Yards debris-count a bit.
Fixed the stupid entry saying that Elite Wolverine gets vein-proof, when it starts out with it (WW bug).
The weapon-factorys of both sides has gotten its debris-count decreased.
Tweaked some other structures debris-count.
Increased Cyborg Rate of Fire.
Set the Cyborg Commandos weapon to have a spread-area of 1 instead of 0.
Set the debris to appear acording to the quality-setting choosen.
(Big in any setting, Small in Medium and High. Particels only appear in Medium and High quality setting.)
Added the Elite-ability section to the stats.txt-file.
Flame Tank can now be build directly when Warfactory has been built.
FIXED: The WW bug with the wrong anim beeing playing when getting Multimissile in a crate, has been fixed.
The Hover MLRS has gotten new death-crashes; the turret or the body flyes away and crashes.
The Light Tower is now the Guard Tower, with a Lasersight, to point out enemy units approaching. Techlevel 3.
Added the Grenade Infantry to NOD, that shoots high explosive grenades.
The Guard Droid is added to GDI, and Floating Mine to NOD.
The new infantry unit Laser Infantry is added to NOD. Carries a portable version of the las-turret.
A really heavy shooter, called Experimental, is added to the GDI. (Using never before seen graphics.)
The new Faster Harvester is added to both sides. Build Tech-centers to get it.
37 instead of 16 Spark-sets, and 32 instead of 12 particel-systems.
Set Old Artillerys FireAngle to 60 degrees.
Fixed more special-debris, in forms of turrets n stuff, for Hover MLRS and some.
Added EliteAbilitys to every fighting unit.
Made Cyborg Commando and Ghost Stalker trainable.
NOD Summoner Priest added, with a buildlimit of 1. (Special Release-unit.)
Set Cruiser PitchAngle to 10.
A total of 10 new weapon-types have been added since v. 0.98.
Tracked down Tiberiumfiled/tree lightning-issues. In short: Can't be edited - are written into the maps.

-=[0.98]=- {Version released to the public}
***Discovered the _huge_ NOD Stealth Generator bug in TS*** - Guess Westwood are gonna be mailed about that...
Removed Immune=yes from Tiberium Tree, and set it's strength to 1000.
Increased Heavy Tank cost to 1500 and Mammoth Tank to 1800.
Lowered Light Tank cost to 550, and decreased it's weapon-strength by giving it a 75mm cannon.
Decreased Medium Tank's cannon to a 90mm one, and raised the cost for Titan to 1000.
Changed several weapon-damage values, mostly tweaking the ones for the cannons - now they are more balanced into the game.
Increased Bridge Strength to 750.
Suicide Bomber cost increased to 1500.
Somewhat re-modeled the fire-rutin for Heavy Infantry, and added flames for fire-anim.
Added launcher-graphics. Read installations-notice for this one.
Changed expl.-anims for several warheads, making for example Artillerys charges blow up much bigger. Way cool.
Increased DebrisCount for some units and buildings, and edited all the debris to fly much further.
Artillery cost increased from 1.200 to 1.600 credits, but it's warhead got increased spread-area.
Set NoMovingFire=yes for Old Artillery.
Removed Cruiser slowdown distance, since it made it hover about on place, still firing though.
Increased the Cruisers GuardRange from 15 to 25.
Altered Cruiser crash-anim.
You now have to build GDI TechCenter to get access to the Spy Plane.
Spy Plane aren't so extreamly fast any more, only a little faster then the NOD Banshee... Cost lowered to 1500.
Heavy Infantry doesn't get an other weapon when becoming an Elite, thous _not_ loosing their AA ability. =)
Several (civilian) buildings and signs has gotten new text and theme...
Lowered Crate GasCloud-damage.
Increased Banshee Bomber FlightLevel from 600 to 700.
Remade Harpy since no-one ever used the original one. Gave it grenade-pods, and lowered its speed to 25, and cost to 1200.
Every building has gotten dynamic lightning added to them.

-=[0.97]=- {Version released to the public}
Added the GDI Spy Plane. Instead of the RA-way, using a camera, it has to fly and use it's 'sight' to find things - the Camera settings (that are still around) does nothing in TS, since the code has been removed. Doh... (Makes the aircraft unselectable.)
Have added the GDI Kodiak and NOD Pyramid, with their own units: Mechanical Repair Robot for GDI and High Priest for NOD.
Finally: Fixed the problem with 1.13 hardcoding the damage for Artillery, and it now too has gotten it's damage increased properly.
Added Suicide Bomber to NOD. Worked on it for 10 hour, just to learn that the MultiMissile code is an hack within Westwood(!) and that if anything else tries to use the MultiCluster-rutin the game goes down hard... and learnt that units can't hurt themselfs unless using the MultiMissile. *doh*. =) So it didn't really ended up like I wanted it to be, but it works in 98% of the times. (Sometimes he survives... - and have even seen the ammo come back! Have set him to have 'Ammo=1', but sometimes he can fire again after 5 seconds, since he gets the ammo back, but just sometimes...I give up.)
Renamed Heavy Soldier to Heavy Infantry, to fit into the pattern.
Added Sniper Infantry to both sides.
Changed unit-choice for the scout unit, and fixed fire'ing anim.
Fixed infantry-order for the build-bar - now in a perfectly good order. =)
Fixed several issues with the NOD helicopter 'Harpy'.
Once again changed Flame Tank movement settings, and I'm now Sure that it is working properly All the time.
Made the new basic units Multiplayer-startable (i.e. set AllowedToStartInMultiplayer=yes).
Lowered the Heavy Cruisers flight-height a little bit (still much higher then the rest thought).
Corrected some typos in the readme. =)

-=[0.96]=- {Version released to the public}
Green Tiberium now spreads and grow more quickly.
Ooops, fixed a forgotten test value for Negative Lamp, that made some mapsections go 100% black...
Heavy Infantry cost increased to 500, since their AA ability was added.
Jumpjet infantry also has recieved spark-effects for its chainguns.
'BaseNormal=no' set for Light Tower to avoid "sand-bag'ing"-strategy.
Banshee Bomber added to NOD, build Temple of NOD to get access to it.
Flame Tank traveling underground should be fixed now - mail me otherwise! (Fixed!)
Scouts weapon damage increased.
Lowered ROF for Orca Bomber, since it had gotten a speed increase - the carpet of bombs was too long.
Fixed Cruiser slowdown distance, that made it hard for it to fire at moving targets.

-=[0.95]=- {Version released to the public}
Heavy Cruisers strenght has been increased from 300 to 400, but it's weapon ranged lowered to avoid out-range'ing SAM sites.
More Warfactorys gives a 25% speed increase.
**NOD SAM sites powertake lowered since Heavy Cruises makes GDI a powerfull enemy in the air too.
(Note: In patch 1.13 for TS it has been hard-coded that NOD SAM sites should use 60 in energy!)
And some minor fixes.

Added sight-increase for veterans.
Made Orca-bombers bombs clustering.
Increased buildlimit for Mammoth Mk. II to 5 since they aren't as good as Westwood thinks... also made it trainable.
Added Heavy Cruiser, and all of the old Tanks, old RA Artillery and Mobile Stealth Generator.
Added more spark-effects to the chainguns - experimenting a bit.
Hunter Seeker Removed.
Heavy Infantry can shoot at aircraft now.

-=[0.93]=- {Version released to the public}
Several issues have been fixed, and have added more lights to buildings. NOTE: A building that has lightning attached to it will still light the area around it when it's stelthed! This is NOT a 'bug' but a cool feature. More lightning-effects will be added later on, and some of the values tweaked a bit.
Made MCV buildable at tech-level 9.

A LOT of changes have been made, to much to list them all.
Almost ALL damages have been altered, and several units changed in several ways.
MLRS have been added (old C&C one) and Heavy Infantry, as the most noticable ones.
Heavy Infantry carries machineguns, apose to the normal infantry that carries assualt-rifles. They both have better range and fire-rate then normal infantry.
Buildspeed for 1000 credits have been decrease from 0.8 to 0.6 minutes.
All buildings and vehicles now blow so much more, with much more debris - way cooler if you ask me. =)

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