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Unity 2020.1 Sample project 'zASCII' - Public Release 1
The Unity Sample Project 'zASCII', showcasing the simple but fast 'ASCII Zarkow' implementation (previously written for XNA) that has now been updated and conformed to Unity 2020.1, is now available.

.zip (Size: 8.99 MB / Downloads: 656)

Please note the included readme.txt - Non-commercial projects and for studios making less than 100K USD per year, this code, solution and assets is free to use. Others must attain a license.

If you need help, want to show off some cool use-case or your own versions, you are welcome to post in the Support forum.
To make it super-simple to adjust, all gradient levels and all characters used to render out light-levels are editable - the gradient-level in the shader file and the characters used is individual small textures -- that can be edited or replaced.

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