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ET:QW Zerver BrowZer Public Beta 1 Released
The stand-alone browser ET:QW Zerver BrowZer Public Beta 1 is now released.

Quote:-=[ Readme for ETQW Zerver BrowZer ]=-

Author: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam

What is 'ETQW Zerver BrowZer'?
  It's a 3rd part stand alone server browser for the game ET:Quake Wars by Splash Damage and id Software.

  - List all active ET:QW-servers together with players and cvars on those servers.
  - Instantly join any server directly from the browser.

How to use it:
  1) Start it up
  2) Go into settings
  3) Point out where your copy of etqw.exe is located, to be able to quick-launch it.
  4) Press OK

  - To Join a selected server, right-click and choose 'Join Server'.
  - For easy info-retrival and sharing, drag'n'drop server-info to the Input-field at the bottom.

How to extend the usage of FriendsList:
  The FriendsList filter-option uses MatchesMask which makes it possible to enter partial nicks and wildcards.
  * = wildcard, any number of characters, any character.
  ? = one character can be of any kind.
  [zs] = a set of chars is allowed for one character, here z and s. Used like a constraint ?.
  Example: To search for my nick, nomatter what clan-tag I carry and incase you don't remember if it starts with z or s, add *[zs]arkow to the friends.lst.
  Using wildcards or a lot of ?/sets will increase the chance of false positives, i.e. getting hits on people that you don't want to see. For example, typing *a* will return every server that contains any player that  has an 'a' anywhere in it's nick. So use them wisely.

  Due to char-constraints of the syntax, the chars [,],* are autoconverted to ? upon adding a player via the PlayerList of a server.

  This application is copyright Johan Munkestam/Digital Software 2007. All rights reserved.

  Everyone has permission to freely, without any charge, copy, distribute and share this application to everyone. No-one may however decompile, reverse-engineer, modify or otherwise use the supplied files outside their clear intended area of usage.
  This application is released as Coke-ware - if you like it you must buy the author a Coke when you meet him. No Pepsi. Nor any Cuba Cola. Not even Dr Pepper.

  If this application murders you in your sleep it isn't my fault. Neither is any other problems.
  Every user is entitled to the same amount of support as they have paid for the application.
  Everything above that is of our own free will and due to us being so nice.

  Got any suggestions or bugs - let us hear them!

.rar   etqwzbrz_public_beta_1.rar (Size: 290.94 KB / Downloads: 877)



[v.] - Public Beta 1
- Fixed playerlisting that broke with the v1.4-update.
- Added Server Favorites-list.
- Favorites still gets added and pinged even if the Master Server is down.
- ServerList, cvar List and Nick List can now be individually resized.
- Rightclick-menu and Find to get your favorited server selected in the main Server List.
- Added ability to remove Friends and Favorite Servers from the lists.
- Filter settings are now saved on exit and game-launch and loaded at application startup.
- If filtering is active at startup, the filter-panel is automatically displayed.
- Enabled editing Master List Server adress and port from the settings.

[v.] - Public Alpha 4
- Added User-Agent info in the request to the Master Server that now is forced after the v1.4 update.

[v.] - Public Alpha 3
- Fixed the player-parsing that the ET:QW updates altered the formats of.
- Lingering connection against MasterServer sholdn't be a problem anymore.

[v.] - Public Alpha 2
- Full Server-filter activated. Check = show full servers, unCheck = show non-full, grey = either.
- Middle mousebutton now correctly de-selects servers in both filtered and unfiltered list.
- Empty Server-filter added. Check = empty servers, unCheck = non-enpty, grey = either.
- Bots Enabled-Filter added. Check = bots enabled, unChecked = not enabled, grey = either.
- Improved filter-preparation at Update.
- PlayerList now displays bots via (Bot)-suffix.
- Fixed default sortorder on several columns and added a custom sortfix for blank server entries.
- Increased the time-spacing for getting data via clicking a server from 1 to 4 seconds.
- Unified handling of Filtered list at entry into Update and Refresh.
- Added friendslist filter. Check = friends on server, unChecked = No friends, grey = either.
- Added FriendsList filter. Saved as 'friends.lst' and can be edited by hand too.
- FriendsList filter uses MatchesMask, i.e. supports *,? and sets ([abc]). See instructions above.
- Rare occurance of TCP not disconnecting from webserver should be fixed and additonal updates should still work even if still doesn't disconnect. Needs testing and verification.
- Added servermonitoring for autojoin when a slot opens.
- ServerMonitoring polls the watched server every 5 seconds.
- Misc fixes and speed improvements.

[v.] - Public Alpha 1
Initial Release
This tool was initially released in 2007 and intended to be used together with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Added here for archiving purposes.

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