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Shelter Helper v0.7 Alpha 3 Released - Optimize your Fallout Shelter game sessions
Shelter Helper - Your friendly helper to optimize your Fallout Shelter game sessions

Get help optimizing time used for training your dwellers, for knowing when a wasteland explorer has returned and is available for the next mission or when a team has returned from that all so important Quest.

Introduction video:


.rar   ShelterHelper_v0.7_ALPHA_3.rar (Size: 249.37 KB / Downloads: 577)

Quote:-=[ Readme for Shelter Helper ]=-
Author: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam

- Monitor your dwellers progress in your Shelter, returning from Wasteland/Quests, training in gym/classroom/bar
- Be notified when a dweller has finished their task, to minimize wasted time
- See the real stats, health, experience-levels and activity status of your dwellers

  This application is copyright Johan Munkestam/Digital Software 2018. All rights reserved.

  This application wouldn't have been possible without the great research done by a multitude of unknown people; special shout-outs go to rakion99, MobileSam and katzsmile for their work with the savegame format and attempts at making early editors.

  Everyone has permission to freely, without any charge, copy, distribute and share this application to everyone. No-one may however decompile, reverse-engineer, modify or otherwise use the supplied files outside their clear intended area of usage.

  This application is released as Coke-ware - if you like it you must buy the author a Coke when you meet him. No Pepsi. Nor any Cuba Cola. Not even Dr Pepper.

  If this application murders you in your sleep it isn't my fault. Neither is any other problems.


  Every user is entitled to the same amount of support as they have paid for the application.
  Everything above that is of our own free will and due to us being so nice.

  For help, questions etc visit our forum:

  Got any suggestions or bugs - let us hear them!


[v.] - Alpha 3
- Added new column of % vs E10 leveling; 'Health %'
- Added Info note if a Dweller is still a child
- Added ability to sort on columns 'Health' and 'Health %'

[v.] - Alpha 2
- Added Highlights on Dwellers that is Rare and Legendary
- Added sorting for columns Name, Last Name, Level and EstUpd
- EstUpd column now show a live counter of time left
- Fixed calculation of time left for training in Gameroom/Casino

[v.] - Alpha 1
- Corrected GameRoom/Casino training info

[v.] - Alpha 1
- First public release
[First comment intentionally left blank]

Starting up the application will automatically load your savegame, if stored in a normal location.

If for some reason the savegame cannot be found (perhaps you run the game on one machine but want to run the tool on another and point to the file via a shared folder) the app will ask you to point out where the file is.

When a dweller has finished their training task or returned from the wasteland, you will get a notification and the icon in the systray will turn red.

If you choose to right-click the icon and start the game, the application will pause the monitoring and the icon turns yellow.

When you return from the game you can choose to re-start the monitoring by right-clicking the systray icon and select 'Reload from SaveGame'. The icon will turn gray and a notification will inform you that monitoring is running again.

Tips and Tricks

- Hovering values in the list of dwellers will display a tool-tip with additional info.
- The application window can be resized.
- There is a line between the dweller list and notification list; dragging this allows you to resize the individual lists sizes.

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