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Diablo2Edit Public Beta 2 - Diablo 2 Save Game Editor
For archive purposes, here is a functional (for the version of Diablo 2 available at its release) Diablo 2 Save Game Editor, for users to tweak their characters and their inventory with.

Application is verified to work on Windows XP with no alterations.

Download here >>
.zip (Size: 485.92 KB / Downloads: 941)

Quote:-=[Historyfile for Diablo2Edit/Diablo II SaveGame Editor]=-

Entrys are in cronological order (i.e. first entry under an version is the oldest entry).
Multiple instances indicates new solutions (most of the times new solutions will have short references to/about it).
I only add the major things that I think matter - hundreds of Bugs are squashed every day. Wink
The numbering of the (internal) versions are as follow:
    1 = Major Version.
    2 = Minor Version.
    3 = Release.
    4 = Build.
Release = Commersially released number of times.
Build = Number of times a Complete re-build has been done, i.e. compiling All files. This is only needed when having done large updates in several files, not when doing small bug-fixes.

After every version-header below, there is a note of what kind of build it is:
Debug Build - internal testing, before Beta-testing.
Beta Build - Internal and External Beta testing build.
Pre-release Build - a build for a small selected group to evaluate (i.e. often to the press).
Release Build - Commercial Release build.

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 2.
Rebuilt Layout, with multiple pages for support for more options.
Touched up VersionInfo on _SplashDlg.
Added Quest and Qaypoints sections, and the basic functions for it.
Since AboutDlg looked a little pale - added moving starfield to the background.
When selecting Help, the user is urged to read the readme-file.
Quest Section added, with all 21 Quests.
Waypoint Section added.
ReWorked the Character pictures.
Skill Section added.
Rewrote Skill-section, and made multiple pages to copy the game-layout with 10 per page.
Added Necromancer skills.
Added support for correct Loading skills along with the rest of the values.
Added animation for showing the Character Loaded.
Skills are now saved along with the rest of the values.
Fixed several bugs conserning Skills, especially when loading a newly created Character with zero experience points.
Added animated Credits to AboutDlg.
Fixed serious bug conserning displaying AboutDlg while animating Character on Load.
Added Waypoints for Act IV.
Added Save-Question for when user selects to Load a new file.
Added Amazons skills.
Fixed bug that failed to save skills correctly for characters with zero experience.
Added SaveProgress window.
Rewrote some save-code to co-op with the new window.
Added Warning and Error statistics on Save.
Fixed 'Modify'-related code, to better handle closing of the app.
Added visual feedback to SaveProgress window, by adding dots when doing something.
Fixed serious bug with skills, when never visiting skills-page before saving.
Improved the save-rutin somewhat.
Fixed bug for when loading a readonly-savegame.
Improved the startup-time of the app.
When selecting Help, the user is instantly directed to the ReadMe-file.
Added Item-list capability. Some values not defined yet though.
Added ability to see and modify your items.
Fixed save-rutine to allow Items to be saved properly.
Fixed OnHint-bug conserning secondary form.
ReWrote ItemFile layout, to support multiple items in each file (*.dip)
Added Import-support for Items.
Added the new 'scrambled tv'-fx rutine to the about-dlg.
Fixed sprites jumping out of (window-)bounds on heavy lag.
The highest LagCount is stored for later retrivial.
Added the Loaded Character-name to the MainForm's caption.
Set sash-limit to 9 924 gold per level (is rounded to 1000 per level ingame).
Added dlg if imported object shold overwrite existing objects loc-value.
Rebuilt listviews tab-layout.
Exported over 20 items. Several Exceptional rare swords, and some non-used items.
Fixed bug when changing item-values and then selecting cancel - modified = false.
Rebuilt layout and colors. Background is now Navy instead of Black (to dark...).
Fixed the save-rutine for StartLocation.
Fixed bug with Modified not getting set when changing StartLocation Level.
Fixed Save-rutine - no longer depending on .bak-file. (All in RAM-memory.)
Added rutine to detect points left over from Level-Up events.
Added support to Load and display Skill and Attributes points left over.
Fixed som minor issues with the Load-rutine.
Added support to Save Skills and Attributes point left over.
Fixed issue with altered locs for other values, and verifyed the functionality.
Fixed old values hanging around, consearning Level-Up points.
Added some (grey) help-text.
Fixed Tab-order for a lot of the objects.
Added new Load-anim rutine for the Characters.
Fixed external-editor (for ReadMe-file) call to be persistent.
Fixed OpenDialog to at run-time set last dir as defualt.

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 1.
Started to fixate Money-limitations, Level-dependent.
Fixed Modified:=True for some odd entrys.
Fixed some minor bugs.
ReBuilt the Character Graphics.
Exported Graphics to stand-alone .dat-file.

-=[Version]=- Debug Build, Private Beta.
All Character Attributes Entrys are loaded correct.
Added _Splash-screen and the graphics for it.
Added graphics to main module.
Now all entrys are saved correctly - fixed conversion error.
Added full Level-support (now also in file-description).
Added graphical AboutDlg.

This File last Edited 2000-09-23 18:24.

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