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Sponsor Us

::1. Why sponsor us?::

::2. What can we offer?::

::3. What do we require?::

::4. How do I sponsor?::

2. What can we offer?

It all depends on the kind of sponsorship-deal we are approached with, and the width of it. If it's directed mainly towards the site, a specific project or individual - or a general sponsorship.

It can be anything from having a banner or link on the page, to informationpages, multiple banners, logos or other graphics displayed together with the project (logo at startup of an application or game, graphics in a game and so on), exclusive hosting-rights and name-branding. This together with the possibility of having joint campaigns a selected times per year and other events like this, makes it very open to tailor any sponsorship to your needs.

If this sounds interesting, please send us your sponsorship-draft to info@digitalsoftware.se

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