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AvsB: PMC Warfare

Project Synopsis:

With the success of PMCs in Iraq during the early second millennium and in Africa during the 80's and 90's, it became clear that the use of private military companies with top notch personell was the new way to handle tough conflicts and 'black operations'. With the possibility of plausable deniability a covert operation into enemy land was no longer the PR risk it used to be, and neither did the handful of killed specialists have any impact on the populations' opinion on any conflict. While dead soldiers are reported and flags lowered to honor them, fatalitys of private contractors rarely make the headlines.

Soon several high level companies sprung up throughout the world, all bidding and fighting over the high stake contracts that countries, large corporations or even shady organisations has to offer. If the assumed target or targets of a contract receives news of their status they in turn send out a contract of their own for the best possible protection money can buy...

Project description:

The ET:Quake Wars-mod AvsB pits the most skillful private contract firms available in a fierce fight for money and reputation, using all the modern weapons and technology they can muster.

Some of the features:
- True playerskill based handling of firearms - practice makes perfect.
- Multiple game modes including VIP duty, surgical strike operations and large scale full-out conflicts.
- Player customizable weapon loadouts for maximum control over favourite armament in specific situations and missions.
- Dynamic battlefields and scenery, including non static setup of objects. No more pre-determined pixelaiming!
- Map persistent economy for upgrades and loadout choices of firearms.
- Variable map sizes and loadout, to support everything between 2 to 32 players.
- Accurate damage modeling and handling of firearms and gear - no artificially forced balancing on behaivor instead of cost.
- Multisegmented and multilayered collision meshes for true damage modeling of weapon penetrations and differences between 'barely hits' and 'dead on hits'.

* List is subject to change depending on ET:Quake Wars specifications and limitations yet to be announced.

Project Leader: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam

Project Status: Pre-production.

More information:
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