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Project Synopsis:

The year is 2003. The conflict in Iraq takes longer than the Allied forces have estimated. Civil unrest makes it harder for the forces to maintain normal security in the main cities and the uprising amongst the Kurds in the north puts strains in the relationship between the US-installed government and the NATO country Turkey. With Bush putting Syria on top of the 'Axis of Evil' list, the US government sends an additional 50 000 soldiers in preparation of a third invasion in the Middle East.

The sheer number of NATO forces tied up in the region makes it clear to military analysts that other large campaigns will be delayed or made impossible due to lack of resources. At the same time a group of high ranking military personnel in the Swedish High Command bring out a secret plan laid out in the beginning of the 20th century and begins to update it to modern standard.

A misty Sunday morning in the year 2007, five helicopters drop units from the secret elite special ops group SSG near a base at the border, while a battalion of tanks from regiment P7 enters the country, all according to plan.

The Invasion of Norway is under way!

Project description:

What started in 2003 as a mod made by a very small but dedicated group of people quickly became so much more. From a local and dedicated fanbase the mod evolved into the 3rd most played mod in Europe - beaten only by DC and FH. Being a mod about two small countries up in the north, this was a huge success.

Project Leader: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam

Project Status: Full version.

More information:
http://www.silentheroes.se/ - Mod's own official website.

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