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SDK is closing in
Posted by Zarkow on Wed Nov 14, 2007 07:40
Some weeks ago we got a second view of the tools from the upcomming SDK for ET:Quake Wars, showing off some very nice features. And with the recently released patch to bring the game to v.1.2 it's obious the continued development of the game is in their focus.

And now a little bird has said that the SDK isn't that far away from being released - we are looking forward to it!

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ET:Quake Wars has gone Gold!
Posted by Zarkow on Thu Aug 30, 2007 18:38
In the latest community update, as written by Locki himself, Splash Damage can now announce that ET:Quake Wars has gone Gold!

head on over to the newspost at community.enemyterritory.com for all the info about it.

Don't miss these golden nuggets:
Of course this is just the beginning of the next phase that of the ongoing support for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. Our first goal after completing the game's demo (planned for release in mid-September - we're working on that right now) will be to watch closely and address any issues that come up in the first few weeks after the game's release. Next, we'll be putting the polish on the Software Developers Kit, including the Source Code, Level Design Tools and documentation to make sure mod-makers get what they need.
The game's retail release is on September the 28th for Europe and Australia, and October the 2nd in North America.

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Interview, playing the beta and planning for the future
Posted by Zarkow on Mon Jul 02, 2007 01:24
Some 2 weeks ago GamersNation did an interview with us and in it you can find some new info that we haven't released before so you might wanna check it out.

Since then we have been busy with a lot of things and one of them is playing the ET:QW Open Beta. It has been a lot of fun and one can sure tell it's a spiritual sequal to Enemy Territory in the speed, layout and structure, while the story is derived from the Quake (2 and 4) world. The game is not like BF2/BF2142, it cannot be stressed enough. It's very much different in style and if you don't have a beta key we propose you download W:ET (that is free!) and play it some to get a first feeling for the style it builds upon. It's fast, it's constant action and you are never more then 10 seconds from being in the middle of it all.

We have also had a change to poke around some more with how the game handles things, or how it is different from the D3-engine it is based upon, and we are looking forward to the day the SDK will be released - it will surely be a lot of fun and many different small mods from a lot of different people and teams will start to appear within days of the games release!

Don't miss that we are still, and - as was the case during the development of the awardwinning mod SilentHeroes - will always be, looking for more talented people to extend our team with. Go over to our AvsB Job Page to find our current positions - or just submit an open application if your field isn't listed.

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