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SyncFamily is the collection-name for the applications SyncDaddy and SyncBoy, the backup-solutions for either companies that need organised backups or IT-companies that offer backup-hosting as an online-service.

    Current features:
    - Monitor any number of directories for automated backups whenever a file is altered since the last backup, for incremental backups.
    - Run full backup on selected directories and choose with or without sub-folders.
    - Uses 448bit Blowfish encryption for all vital communication and all file-transfers, with dynamic encryption-keys per user and session.
    - Documents are compressed before transfer to reduce bandwidth and space-usage on the server.
    - All files are MD5-verified for verification of 100% spotless transfers.
    - Restrict user to defined IP-series, defined time of day-range for upload and maximum space-usage on the server.
    - Full logging of user and server-activities, aswell as report-system on the server.
    - User-modifiable in terms of when and how often to perform backups.
    - True client/server-application, with optimised and streamlined design for minimal memory-usage.

The SyncFamily are rented out to anyone that needs it, with a set number of client-licenses defined upon renting it. This way you will always recieve the latest version of both the applications aswell as only pay per number of estimated customers. The application can be rented for 1, 3, 6 or 12-month-periods, and increasing or decreasing the number of client-licenses upon renewal is done with ease.

The application can be fully clustered, e.g. for larger companies, if segmented backup-handling is prefered.

Developer: Johan 'Zarkow' Munkestam

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