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HDEdit Public Beta 5 - Hidden & Dangerous Savegame Editor - Zarkow - 2014-12-27

For archive purposes, here is one of the only functional Save Game editors in the world for the game Hidden & Dangerous, the classic tactical FPS.

The application is verified to run on Windows XP with no alterations.

Download here >>
.rar   hdeditbeta5.rar (Size: 692.63 KB / Downloads: 991)

Quote:-=[Historyfile for HDEdit/Hidden & Dangerous SaveGame Editor]=-

Entrys are in chronological order (i.e. first entry under an version is the oldest entry).
Multiple instances indicates new solutions (most of the times new solutions will have short references to/about it).
I only add the major things that I think matter - hundreds of Bugs are squashed every day. Wink
The numbering of the (internal) versions are as follow:
    1 = Major Version.
    2 = Minor Version.
    3 = Release.
    4 = Build.
Release = Commersially released number of times.
Build = Number of times a Complete re-build has been done, i.e. compiling All files. This is only needed when having done large updates in several files, not when doing small bug-fixes.

After every version-header below, there is a note of what kind of build it is:
Debug Build - internal testing, before Beta-testing.
Beta Build - Internal and External Beta testing build.
Pre-release Build - a build for a small selected group to evaluate (i.e. often to the press).
Release Build - Commercial Release build.

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 5.
Fixed: when selecting Quit from meny, it now asks if the user wants to save the file.
Added Hints to everything that might need it.
Fixed: removed Debug-msg that keeps poping up when editing number of weapons. (Doh)
Added support for graphics to the main app.
Added soldier graphics, for when selecting a character. (Helps you choose.)
Added graphics for several weapons and items. (Ripped from in-game screenshots...)
Major rebuild of the right edit-section.
Added support for info about Every character and item in the game.
Fixed: AboutDlg no longer takes proc-time when not showed.
Added info about items and character names.
Rebuilt info-section, no longer uses Hint for complete display of info.
Added complete list of info about items.
Added complete list of info about soldiers.
Rebuilt info-section to fit all of the info to be displayed.
Improved Randomize-code for AboutDlg.
Renamed some items to their real names.
Cleaned up the save-rutine.
Fixed problem with app crashing if Weapon n Character graphics Lib are missing.
Altered _Splash-scrn, used an other logo. (Better when transparent.)
Fixed grey-curves on several of the images, since they where to dark from the game.
Fixed: fixed crash when selecting a dummy-character entry (set by the game when new campain is started).

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 4.
Ability to choose save from the meny (forgot to enable it).
Added AboutDlg, that displays brief info about the app.
Added graphics to AboutDlg.
Added text and info to AboutDlg.
Made the text move and bounce around.
Cleaned up a lot of code.
Added link to HelpDlg, that launches default web-browser.
Fixed some spelling errors.
Added Release info to AboutDlg, and main form.
Added launch-link for history.txt (this file) when clicking Release-info.
Added new icon to the app.
ReWrote AboutDlg completely - now uses DirectX for graphics.
Added new graphics to the AboutDlg.
Added bouncing logo and animated sprite.
Made the mouse-cursor turn into animated logo in the AboutDlg - nice!
Added _Splash window.
Added high-res graphics and info to Splash window.
Added warning dlg when data have been changed, that prompts the user to save.
Added the save-check to closing, loading new file and selecting new savegame entry.
Fixed some minor bugs.
Added check to see if the Graphics Lib exists, and can be loaded. (Will work without it.)

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 3.
Added the displaying of number of entrys after search, when choosing Don't Show (update).
Fixed spelling errors.
Added Soldernames instead of numbers. Makes the selecting of soldiers much easier.
Fixed soldier bug conserning ID starting at 0, not 1. This fixes the error when selecting the last soldier.
Fixed serious bug where previus entry got erased when setting editfields to enabled=false, 'cause of selecting nonvalid field.
Fixed same bug consearning selecting the three non-valid entrys last in the editing-list.

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 2.
Corrected issue with MP44 beeing placed to early in the ComboBox. (Placed Hex10 after Hex09, when it should be after Hex0F)
Above spawned some weapons wrongfully beeing choosed.
Fixed bug where the first weapon in the inventory, was (visualy in editor) asigned to last character in list.
Added ability to change Character. Only numbers, not name right now (Only visual issue).
Added HelpScreen.
Fixed Weapons and Character values not beeing correctfully disabled when selecting a non-value entry.
Fixed issue with popupmenu not beeing used.

-=[Version]=- Beta Build, Public Beta 1.
First public beta, and therefor no history is included.

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