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Full Version: DefNet Client Public Beta 4 Released!
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The standalone server browser and chat client for the game DefCon is now released as Public Beta 4.

Quote:What is DefNet Client?
 It's a combined chat-client and server-browser for primarly the game DefCon, by Introversion.

 - List all active DefCon-servers together with players and scores on those servers.
 - Chat-client on an irc-like network, so DefCon-players can find others to nuke into oblivion.
 - Chat-client uses dynamic encryption-keys and variable encryption-level, up to 448bit*.
 - Have a very small memory footprint and is very cheap on the CPU.




[v.] - Public Beta 4
- Client now compatible with DefCon v1.1
- Passworded server is now indicated with '#' in first column.
- Added 'NOT'-checkbox in filters for name-search. Tip: NOT 'New Server'.
- Added Password-filter. Checked for passworded servers, unchecked for not passworded, grey for any.
- Added Full Server-filter. Checked for full, unchecked for not full, grey for any.

[v.] - Public Beta 3
- Fixed a minor memory-leak in the server-browser.
- Login protocol updated, now fully supports backup-nick.
- Solved issue with forcing splitter to max/min-positions.
- Full server-filtering added!

[v.] - Public Beta 2
- Selected server stays in focus during sort.
- Deselect server by pressing right mouse button in serverlist.

- Amount of servers show and updated in realtime
- Status of server-polling shown with * in the server-list, next to the servers name:
 *: Server-updated going [waiting for update] OR server clicked and waiting for player-list.
 **: Server was selected and player-list is auto-requested after recieving a new server-update.
 The * are removed as soon as the requested updates arrive.
- Added server-sorting, asc and desc, when users clicks columns.
- Added open slot-sorting instead of number of players currently in the game.
- A selected server is now always back in focus following changes to the server-list.
- Now indicates password-protected servers by adding [PW] after server-name.

[v.] - Public Beta 1
- Game.Key is now defualted to correct value.
- Some other minor fixes.

- Added drag'n'drop-feature of server-info.
- Added stats-report if user is playing or not.

- Fixed internal issue with handling differently used 'enders' in steam-2-packets.

- Client now sends NOOP to chat-server every 5 minutes.
- Browser now handles negative score too.
- Minor tweaks and fixes.

- Large internal workover, full OO.
- Now fully supports the new player-listing-format.

- Now supports the new format used in Beta-16.

- Fixed issue where channel-removal between sessions could raise an exception.

Initial Alpha

Note some years later: As the game and this server browser client is several years old it is worth noting that the irc-like server back-end went offline some time ago.

This post will always be updated to list the latest beta-version available.